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Monday, September 21, 2009


FRIENDSHIP SMS FRIENDSHIP SMS 1 Stone Is Enough 2 Break A Glass. 1 Sentense Is Enough 2 Break A Heart. 1 Word Is Enough To Fall In Love But 1 Fren Is Not Enough 2 Live In This World. ( FRIENDSHIP SMS)
FRIENDSHIP Isn't How U Forget, But How U Forgive. Not How U Listen But How U Understand, Not What U See But How U Feel, And Not How U Let Go But How U Hold On.
( FRIENDSHIP SMS)If Care Is Wave I Give U Sea. If Respect Is A Leaf I Give U Tree. If Trust Is Planet I Give You Galaxy.If Frencip Is 4ever Then I Give U Myself.
( FRIENDSHIP SMS)I Hve Opened An Emotional A/c 4 U In My Heart. Deposit Ur Frensip In It & I'll Make Sure That U Receive The Interest As Long As I'm Alive.
( FRIENDSHIP SMS)I Do Not Want A Friend Who Smiles When I Smile Who Weeps When I Weep For My Shadow In The Pool Can Do Better Than That.
( FRIENDSHIP SMS)Our Friendship Is Like A Kite, You Are The Color Paper Of Kite; Ppl C And Appriciate U. But I'm The Thread Invisible To Ppl But Alyz Wid U My Dear Fren.
Your validity of being my friend is going to be expired today, please recharge your friendship immediately by sending 4-5 cools msgs. HURRY!!! ( FRIENDSHIP SMS)================================================
Friendship is like a glass, handle it with carebecause once broken cannot be mended and even if mended... a crack is always there.
( FRIENDSHIP SMS)================================================
Apne kia socha pegham nahi ayega, socha ye dost apko yunhi bhool jayegaye to adat hai hamari satanay ki, warna itna pyara dost kon bhulana chahay ga.
( FRIENDSHIP SMS)==========================================
Ab Aur Manzil Pane Ki Hasrat Nahi, Kisi Ki Yaad Me Mar Jane Ki Fitrat NahiAap Jese Dost Jabse Mile, Kisi Aur Ko Dost Banane Ki Zarurat Nahi

*( FRIENDSHIP SMS)******************************************************************************
Hearts could love only for a whilefeet could walk only for a whileclothes wouldn't forever be in style but having you as my friend is forever worthwhile.
=( FRIENDSHIP SMS)====================================
Log kehte hain achay log mar k sitaray ban jatay hainmagar ham kehte hain k achay sitaray gir kar aap jaise dost ban jatay hai

You are my sweet sona, I don't want you to khonaplease give me your heart ka kona, otherwise I will start rona dhona

**( FRIENDSHIP SMS)*****************************************************************************
A coin is easy to earn & good friend is hard to find. A coin depreciates but friendship appreciates. I lost the coin when I msg you but its ok bcoz I get friend like U.
Hey listen... two people were asking me about U. I gave them your address and cell number. They will be visiting U soon. Their names are JOY & HAPPINESS.
( FRIENDSHIP SMS)*******************************************************************************
Search for truth you will find beautySearch for beauty you will find LoveSearch for love you will find friendshipSearch for friendship you will fine ME
( FRIENDSHIP SMS)*******************************************************************************
FriendShip is a network that needs..NO Recharge!NO Roaming!NO Validity!NO activation!NO Signal prbms!Just don’t switch off ur Heart…
FRIENDSHIP SMS FRIENDSHIP SMS Ice is a cream, luv is a dream but r friendship is evergreen. Don't make friends bfore understanding & don't break a friendship after misunderstanding.
(Category: Friendship SMS Language: English Characters: 151)--------------------------------------------------------------------------------
I can’t find a reason why God gave U to me, but that is not the question to b asked; May b the question is how did God knew that I needed a friend like U.
(Category: Friendship SMS Language: English Characters: 154)--------------------------------------------------------------------------------
I can’t find a reason why God gave U to me, but that is not the question to b asked; May b the question is how did God knew that I needed a friend like U.
(Category: Friendship SMS Language: English Characters: 154)--------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Making a million friends is not a miracle, the miracle is to make a friend who will stand by you when millions are against you.
(Category: Friendship SMS Language: English Characters: 127)--------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Medicines and friendships cure our problems. The only difference is that friendships don't have an expiry date.
(Category: Friendship SMS Language: English Characters: 111)--------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Friendship never speaks volumes, it never demands proof, it never has a happy ending too simply coz it doesn't end as long as friends r true, just like U!
(Category: Friendship SMS Language: English Characters: 154)--------------------------------------------------------------------------------
If ur friendship be money, I'll be richest man. If ur friendship be pounds, I'll be heaviest man. If ur friendship be luv, I'll be luckiest man. But ur friendship is trust & I'm the happiest man
(Category: Friendship SMS Language: English Characters: 194)--------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Walk with me when ur hearts needs company, take my hand when u feel all alone, turn to me when u need some1 to lean on, coz I'm a friend u can always depend on
(Category: Friendship SMS Language: English Characters: 159)--------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Every morning when I open my eyes I pray to God that everyone should have a friend like u.Why should only I suffer!
(Category: Friendship SMS Language: English Characters: 115)--------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Heart beat are countless, spirits are ageless, dreams r endless, memories are timeless and a friend like u is Useless. Oops! Sorry Yaar, Priceless
(Category: Friendship SMS Language: English Characters: 146)--------------------------------------------------------------------------------
FEW RELATIONS IN EARTH NEVER DIE.. Take first letter from each word of the above said statement & then u will get that unique word... FRIEND :=)
(Category: Friendship SMS Language: English Characters: 151)--------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Leave SOMETHING for friend..
Never Leave FRIEND for something..

Making a million friends is not a miracle, the miracle is to make a friend who will stand by you when millions are against you.
(Category: Friendship SMS Language: English Characters: 127)--------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Nishana jo le wo SURVIR, Nishane pe jo lag jaye wo TIR, Dil me jo utar jaye wo TASVIR, Mere Jaise Dost ki saath mil jaye wo ACHI TAQDIR...
(Category: Friendship SMS Language: Hindi Characters: 141)--------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Ek achha dost agar 100 baar roothe to use 100 baar manao, kyunki keemti motiyon ki maala jitni baar hbi toote use pirona hi padta hai...
(Category: Friendship SMS Language: Hindi Characters: 136)--------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Zindagi mein hamesha naye dost milenge, kahi zyada to kahin kum milenge. Aitbaar zara soch kar karna, mumkin nahi tumhe har jagah HUM milenge.
(Category: Friendship SMS Language: Hindi Characters: 142)--------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Dard jitna saha jaye utna hi sehna, Kisi ke dil ko jo lag jaye vo baat na kehna, Milte hain hamare jaise dost bahut kam, Isline humse 'Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna'
(Category: Friendship SMS Language: Hindi Characters: 157)--------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Dosti insaan ki zaroorat hai, dilon pe dosti ki hukamat hai aap k pyar ki wajah se zinda hain warna khuda ko bhi hamari zarorat hai..
FRIENDSHIP SMS FRIENDSHIP SMS How Can I Speel S_CCESS Without U ? Or C_TE Or H_MBLE Or F_N Or F_T_RE Or Even TR_ST. What Will I Do Without U ? Proud 2have FREN Like U. Its Sooo TrUe. Friendship SMS
*******************************************************************************If I Cud Pull Down The RAINBOW; I Wud Write Your Name With It And Put It Back In The SKY To Let Everybody Know How COLOURFUL My Life Is With A FRIEND Like You.
Friendship SMS
*******************************************************************************If U R A CHOCOLATE U R The SWEETEST. If U R A TEDDY BEAR U R The Most HUGGABLE. If U R A STAR U R The BRIGHTEST. Since, U R My FRIEND U R The BEST. Thank You For Being My Friend. *
Friendship SMS
******************************************************************************Dreams Are 2 B 4gotten; Reality 2b Lived; Desires 2b Fulfilled And Destiny 2b Reached. Where Is Began, Where Will It End ? Frnz Frm The Start. Frnz Till The End. Frnz 4eva. *******************************************************************************Friendship SMS
The Test Of Frnsip Doesnt Cum Wen U R 2gether.It Cums Wen U Part Ways N U Realize Dat Despite The Distance; The Frnsip Is Still There. Happy Friendship Day ! *******************************************************************************Friendship SMS
As Long As We Have Memories; Yesterday Remains. As Long As We Have Hope; 2mrw Awaits. As Long As We Have FRIENDSHIP Each Day Is Never A WASTE. HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY ! *******************************************************************************
Friendship SMS I Must Have Been Born Under A Lucky Star To Find A Friend As Nice As U Are. I Will Follow The Rainbow To The End. If U Promise To Remain My Friend. *******************************************************************************Friendship SMS
Hawa Ke Jhonke Hai Hum Guzar Jayenge. Khamoshi Se Aapke Dil Mein Utar Jayenge. Paake Aapki Dosti Yeh Huwa Ehsaas Dost Aap Se Bichadkar Hum Bikhar Jayenge. *******************************************************************************
Friendship SMS Six Rules To Be HAPPY :- Free Your Hrt Hatred, Free Ur Mind From Worries, Live Simply, Expect Less, Give More And Alyz Have ME As Ur Fren. *******************************************************************************Friendship SMS
The Rain May Be Falling Hard Outside But Ur Smile Makes It All Right. I'm So Glad That U'r My Frn. I Know Our Frnsip Will Never End. Thanx For Being My Frn.Tc
Friendship SMS *******************************************************************************If U Find Ur World As A SKY & Ur Frens As STARS N If U Dnt Find Me Among Them,dnt Worry; I've Just Been Fallen 2make Ur Wish Come True. Tc ! ******************************************************************************Friendship SMS *Hawa Ke Jhonke Hai Hum Guzar Jayenge; Khamoshi Se Aap Ke Dil Mein Utar Jayenge; Paake Aap Ki DOSTI Ye Huwa Ehsaas DOST Aap Se Bichadkar Hum Bikhar Jayenge. *******************************************************************************Friendship SMS
Der R Many STARS Bt D Mun Is U, Der R Many FRNZ Bt D BEST Is U, 2 4get Me Dats Up2 U; 2 4gets U I'll NEVA EVA DO,trust Me. *******************************************************************************c Friendship SMS
True Frnsip Is A Plant Of Slow Growth & Must Ungergo & Withstand The Shocks Of Adversity Before It Is Entitled 2 The Appellation. *******************************************************************************
Falling In Love? Noway! Rolling In Tears, Neva N Eva! Who's Following? Both By Side. Its Our Frencip, Its My Pride. Have Good Day *******************************************************************************My Heart Is Like An Open Book. It Depends On How U Read Me; Dnt Judge Me By My Cover. Luk In N Discover. I'll Be Ur True Fren 4eva ! *******************************************************************************Friendship SMS

My Friendship Is Like An ONION; Which Has Many Layers In It. It Will Add Taste To Your LIFE But If U Try To Cut It; I Swear U'll Have Tears In Your EYES. So Btr Take Care Of Our Friendship... ;) *******************************************************************************Friendship SMS
If Care Is Wave; I'll Give U Sea. If Respect Is A Leaf; I'll Give U Tree. If Trust Is A Planet; I'll Give U Galaxy. If Friendship Is A Life; I'll Give U Myself. Goodday !
Friendship SMS *******************************************************************************Hamari Dosti Raymond Jaisi Nai Since 1965; Pepsi Jaisi Bhe Nai Yeh Dil Mage More; YEH Dosti Hogi LIC Jaisi, Jindagi Ki Saath Bhe AUR Jindagi Ke Baad Bhe. *******************************************************************************
Friendship SMS A Fren Is The Laughter On A Tearful Day; A Fren Is The Advice That Show The Way; A Fren Stands By U In All U Do; Thats Why I Need Ur Frensip. *******************************************************************************Friendship SMS
True Frensip Never Fades With Time, It Becomes More Tasteful Like Old Wine. Only A Fren Can Understand Unsaid Words And Convert Rolling Tears In2 Smile. *******************************************************************************Friendship SMS
Friendship Isnt About Finding Similarities; Its About Respecting Differences. U Are Not My Fren Coz U Are Like Me But Bcoz I Accept U & Respect U The Way U R. Good Day ! *******************************************************************************Friendship SMS
Alone I Can Only Say But Together We Can Shout, Alone I Can Only Smile But Together We Can Laugh, Alone I Can Only Live But Together We Can Celebrate. That's Being Frns. Good Day ! *******************************************************************************Friendship SMS
During Our Friendship; There Will Be Times U Wont See Me Beside U, Dun Think I Left U Behind; I Just Choose To Walk Behind U So I Can Catch U When U Fall. ;)
Friendship SMS *******************************************************************************This Msg Has No FAT No CHOLESTEROL And No ADDITIVE. This Is All Natural Except With A Lot Of SUGAR But It Can Never Be As Sweet As The I Reading It. Tc *******************************************************************************Friendship SMS
Friendship Is A Treasured Gift That Gives Our Hearts A Lift A Blessing V Just Cant Do Without Bcoz Friendship Is Wat Living Is All About. Happy Friendship Day ! *******************************************************************************Friendship Is Like A Trees; Grows Strong With Each Passing Day Its Value Too Cannot Be Measured; Only Treasured In An Unique Way. Happy Friendship Day! **Friendship SMS *****************************************************************************
Jo Pal Pal Chalti Rahey Woh Zindagi; Jo Pal Pal Jalti Rahey Woh Roshni; Jo Pal Pal Khilti Rahey Woh Mohabbat; Jo Kisi Pal Sath Na Chodey Woh Dosti. Frnz 4eva ! *Friendship SMS ******************************************************************************
FRNSIP Is Not COLLECTION Of Hearts BUT It Is SELECTION Of Hearts. All Frnz R Not TRUE But True Frenz R Very FEW, Which Includes U. Frnz 4eva. *******************************************************************************Friendship SMS
If U Need A Friend And There Are A Hundred Steps Between Us, U Can Take The 1st Step To Get Near Me And I'll Take All 99 Steps To Be There 4u.
Friendship Is Like A Sand Held In Hand, Held Lossely Wid N Open Sand Remain's Where It Is. The Minute U Close Ur Hand N Squeeze Tightly To Hold On The Sand Tickle Thrgh Ur Finger. U Hold Into Some Of It Bt Most Will B Spilled. Friendship SMS
*******************************************************************************A Deep Frensip Is Like A RAINBOW; When The Perfect Amount Of Happiness And Care R Mixed The Result Is A COLOURFUL BRIDGE Btwn 2frnz. Friendship SMS
Friendship SMS Winning Has Alyz Meant Much 2me; But Wining A Fren Like U Has Meant The Most...i Wnt Mind Loosing The Battle Of Life As Long As I Hve U. Frnsip 4eva. *******************************************************************************
Friendship SMS


Friendship SMS --------------------------------------------------------------------------------V smile at whom V Like, V cry for whom V care, V laugh with whom we enjoy, and V become angry with whom we feel is our own...
Friendship SMS
That's Friendship... That's Love... v..v..v..v...v....v..v..v....v....v....v....vv..vvv......A lot of people will walk in and out of ur life but only true friends will leave footprints in ur HeArT...Value them...

Friendship SMS H_M. T_M. No 1 is complete without "U" nd FR_ENDSH_P will never b complete without "I", So "U" & "I" have to be there for ever if u want HUM (,") and ('') Tum 2 b frndz. Heart is like a crystal, preserve it. Love is like perfume, spread it. Feelings are like flood, flow it. Friendship is like an umbrella, come lets share it.
Friendship SMS
Not every bird can dance,But peacock did that.Not every flower can represent LOVE,but Rose did that.Not every Friend can reach upto HEART,But u did that... Life can be hard & not always fun. But as night brings dark Friendship is a promise made in the heart - silently, unwritten, unbreakable by distance, unchangeable by time. Take care always beloved friend.

Without humor, life sux. Without courage, life is hard. Without love, life is hopeless. Without friends like you, life is impossible What is real but invisible? Ur love. What is true but unfair? Ur away from me. What is sweet but invincible? Ur smile. What is precious but priceless? Ur friendship. Friendship SMS

Friendship is like a bank in which u have to Deposit love, sympathy, trust, help & joy. and as Interest you will get comapanion for lifetime! Between a 100000 yesterdays& a 100000 tomorrows,There is only ione today and I would not let this pass without saying thx 4 being such a lovely frnd... Birth is like a dot. Life is like a line.
Love is like a triangle.
friendship is like a circle, because circles don't have an end. Heart is like a crystal, preserve it. Love is like perfume, spread it. Feelings are like flood, flow it. Friendship is like an umbrella, come lets share it Friendship SMS Friendship SMS submitted by :- sunaina Hearts could only love for a while, feet could only walk for a mile, Clothers won't forever be in style, but having you as my friend is forever worthwhile. I"m happy, u know why? Coz I"m lucky, u know why?
Coz GOD loves me, u know how?
He sent a good friend to me, u know who?
It's YOU. Friendship SMS Roses are waiting for hours, Need one touch of yours, My life is like a rose, Need one SMS dose, Flowers grow with love & sunshine; I'll live till you are friend of mine!! Feelings R Many, but Words R few...
Friendship SMS Clouds R dark, but Sky is blue... Love is a paper, Life is a glue... Everything is false... but Friendship is True...!! Between a 1000 yesterdays and a million tomorrows, there is only one Today and I would not let this day pass without saying.. "ThanX 4 BEING SUCH A LOVELY FRIEND" If friends were flower, I would not pick you! I'll let you grow i nthe garden and cultivate you with love and care so I can keep you as a friend 4ever!!
Friendship SMS
Pls stay with me s@ that pe@ple will kn@w h@w rich i am? , / /, c ".) friends ( ,)) are special ?"-.; treasures of d" heart they make u feel loved needed & secured. It's often not said but felt. Longest love is Mother's love, Shortest love is others love, Sweetest love is Lover's love, BUT Strongest love is friends love. Like u and me. F: FIELD of LOVE! Friendship SMS
tats YOU my FRIEND. If friends were flowers, I would not pick you! I'll let you grow in the garden and cultivate you with love and care so as I can keep you as a friend 4ever!! A lovely star dropped on earth one night. Asked me u want a million dollar or a good frnd? I had 2 choose million dollars coz, I already have u...
Friendship SMS
Friendship SMS submitted by :- chetan Painting is a feelin, Never spoil it. Face is a book, try 2 read it. Love is precious, B ready 2 sacrifice for it & Friendship is like a mirror never break it! I am not a clock that can SMS u 24hrs a day, but my heart will be like a clock that will nonstop care, Love n pray 4 a spl frend like u. ;"; ;/ ("v")"; /";"/ /;./ "v" './ %./ is not only made for lovers;its also for friends who luv each other better than lovers!! The recipe of friendship: 1 cup of sharing. 2 cups of caring. 3 cups of forgiveness & hugs. Friendship SMS

Friendship SMS --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Jo har pal jalti rahe: ROSHNI hai... Jo pal pal khilti rahe: MOHABBAT hai... Jo kisi pal saath na chhode: woh DOSTI hai... Walk with me when ur hearts needs company, take my hand when u feel all alone, turn to me when u need some1 to lean on, b'coz i am a frnd u can always depend on!! Friendship SMS
Dear Customer, We would like to inform you that your true friend Mr/Mrs___is missing u a lot. Thank you. Sender: Helpline As long as we have memries yestrday remains. As long as we have hope, 2morrow awaits. As long as we have friendshp, each day is nevr a waste.
Friendship SMS
stars have 5ends, squares have4 ends, triangles have3 ends, lines have2 ends, life has1 end, but i hope our friendship has no end one day god asked to me ,would u like to take post of prime minister or a true friend?.....i opted PM bcos ..... i already have a true friend like U :-)
Friendship SMS COURT ORDER: ur accused of crawlin in 2 my life,
& hijacking my smiles with ur cute SMS's
U r found guilty n so u r sentenced
to b my friend 4 life! Friendship SMS
No bail.......2 hear what's unspoken, 2see what's unseen,
2 feel without even touching,
is the miracle called
Friendship SMS A true friend is a friend who sees the 1'st tear catches the 2'nd & stops the 3'rd!! Just hope
i can b the same 2 u.
Friendship SMS WISHING U HAPPINESS ALWAYS A good friend is like a computer;me'enter' ur life,'save'u in my heart,'format'ur problems, 'shift'u 2 opportunities & never'deletes' u.
Friendship SMS Friendship SMS submitted by :- Ravi Friends, you and me... You brought another friend... And then there were 3... We started our group... Our circle of friends... And like that circle... There is no beginning or end ... Three things cannot be long hidden from me: the sun, the moon and "YOU" , bcoz with out sun and moon this Universe is nothing and with out "U" for me nothing bcoz u r my best friend
Friendship SMS The recipe of friendship: 1 cup of sharing.2 cups of caring.3 cups of forgiveness & hugs. Mix all of these together to make friends 4ever. Flowers need sunshine, violets need dew, all angels in heaven know I need u. Years may fly, tears may dry, but my friendship with you will never die. I must have been born under a lucky star, to find a friend as nice as you are. I will follow the rainbow to the end, if you promise to remain my friend!! Knowing a friend like u has made me happy in a million ways And if ever I have to Let you go???... Friendship SMS
There are 6 Billion people around d world. i dont know why i keep on msging u.
maybe bcoz..
cant replace.. Friendship SMS
a single friend like you. A good Friend is like a computer he ENTERS in your life SAVE himself in your heart,FORMATS all your troubles and never DELETE you from his heart.
Friendship SMS
only one thing is DEFINITE, You'll always be my FRIEND, beyond WORDS, beyond TIME and beyond DISTANCE! I met U as a stranger, I leave U as a friend, as long as the world stands, our friendship nv ends.
Friendship SMS All friends nv split N even if they do, they will meet again. We've knwon each other by CHANCE, became friends by CHOICE, still friends by DECISION. And when we say FRIENDS FOREVER, that's definitely a lifetime promise! There are many stars but moon is u, There are many friends, but the best is u, To forget me that's up to u, to forget u, I will never ever do. How can u tell the rain not 2 fall when cloud exist?

Friendship SMS --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Friends Forever! To Share what is difficult
To heal what is hurting
To think what is not possible
To understand without even talking...
Friendship SMS
Is the miracle called "FRIENDSHIP" I may hav 4gtn 2 say dat I care, I may hav failed 2 open up and share.. but though no words hav been spoken, my promise of eternal friendship wont b broken... To Understand a misunderstanding is a an understanding in friendship BUT to have no misunderstanding is the most understood Friendship.... Dua karte hai ham sar jhukaye, ae dost aap apni manjil ko paye, Agar kabhi teri raho mein andhera aaye, to roshni ke lyie khuda hamko jalaye.. Happy Friendship! For me U r as... Friendship SMS
Chees 4 Pizza...
Passport 4 Visa...
Butter 4 Bread...
Ice 4 Freezer...
Cream 4 cake...
Water 4 Lake...
Leaf 4 tree... Friendship SMS
a FRIEND like u is 4ever 4 me! A friend gives hope when life is low, A friend is a place you've no where to go, A friend is Honest, friend is True, A friend is Precious a friend is You! our FRIENDSHIP is a blank cheque for ME It"s an ASSET not a LIABLITY always a CREDITnot DEBIT always a PROFIT not a LOSS & I HOPE IT WILL NOT BOUNCE!
Friendship SMS
You will always IMPRESS people because you have... TALENT, LOOKS, INTELLIGENCE, And If that isn't enough.... Tell them Ur "MY" Friend People like Ur found only once in lifetime so u better take care of ur self coz i don't want 2 wastw another lifetime 2 find a sweet friend like u.
Friendship SMS
Ok Even if I don't see you... even if we hav... L talks E Hellos S Stories S Greetings always remember dat my friendship will never b LESS 4 YOU 1 Advice-Take care,
Friendship SMS 1 Request-Don't change, 1 Wish Don't forget me, 1 Lie-I Hate You, 1 Truth-I Miss U, 1 Hope-We will always be Good Friends If I get ur SMILE, I dont need FLOWERS, If I get ur VOICE, I dont need MUSIC, If u speak to me, I dont need anybody else, U just b my FRIEND, I dont need the WORLD! I may not be the "Perfect Friend"
Friendship SMS That U R looking for...
not even the "BEST" among them all...
But surely I'm a friend who always care for... YOU... Keep the lamp of friendship burning with oil of love, bcos sun rises in east and sets in west but friendship rises in HEART and sets after DEATH Have a "Heart" that never Break$, Have a "Smile" that never Fades, Have a touch that never Hurt$, Have a "Friendship" that never Ends Like Ours!
Friendship SMS only a friend can understand words and convert the rolling tears into a smile! One day u"ll ask me what's more important to me, U or MY LIFE? I"say MY LIFE & U will walk away not even knowing that Friends like U r my life! Friendship SMS
Dream a dream 2nite as u a smile 2morrow that u may keep.may all of ur dreams and wishes come true cause i could`nt find a better friend like u! There is a gift that gold cannot buy a blessing dats rare & true.dats d gift of a wonderful friend like d friend dat i have in u!
Friendship SMS
COURT ORDER !!! U R Accused Of Crawling In2 My HEART And Hijacking My SMILE With Ur Cute BEHAVIOUR. U R Sentenced 2b My FRIEND 4 Life Time. NO BAIL :p *******************************************************************************Friendship SMS
Frnsip Is Like A Glass; Handle It Wid Cre Bcoz Once Brkn Cant B Repair N Even If Repair; A Crack Will B Alyz Take Care Of Our Frnsip ;) *******************************************************************************
Friendship SMS I Kept Yur Name In My Journal And Posted U In The Ledger Of My Heart,u'll Be Classified As An Asset Coz Yur Market Value As A Fren Neva Depriciate.goodday *******************************************************************************Friendship SMS
Many People Will Walk In And Out Of Your Life, But Only True Friends Will Leave Footprints In Your Heart. *******************************************************************************
Friendship SMS --------------------------------------------------------------------------------FRIENDSHIP is like a TREE. ;, * '' * ;, * , *;, *;
___ ) (__ it isn't measured on how tall it could be ,but on how the roots have grown. I may not be the "Perfect Friend" That U R looking for...
not even the "BEST" among them all...
But surely I'm a friend who always care for... YOU...
Friendship SMS
=: Friendship is := vast like "Universe"
Deep like "Ocean"
High Like "Sky"
Strong Like "Iron"
Kind Like "Mother"
Cute like "me" AND
Sweet like "u" 1 day u'll ask me whats more Important 2 me, U or MY LIFE: I'll say MY LIFE & u'll walk away not even knowing that FRIENDS like you are my LIFE.
Friendship SMSIm a cop & u r under arrest 4 being wat u r.its illegal 2b so sweet & loving as u i hereby sentence u2 b my LIFETIME friend Case Closed! Science has proved that Sugar melts in water, So please don't walk in rain, otherwise i will lose such a SWEET friend like U friend ship is like the relation between hand and the eyes,its like when hand gets hurt the eyes cry and when eyes cry the hand wipes its tears
Friendship SMS submitted by :- nainy no sweet thoughts to forward, no cute graphics to send,
just A......

I would Find a million reason to make u stay!!! Ek khoobsurti,
Ek Tazgi,
Ek Sapna,
Ek Sacchai,
Ek Kalpana,
Ek Ahsas,
Ek Vishvas,
Yahi hai ek acche din ki shuruvat... Have a nice day! A true friend is not the one who give bail and take you out from the Jail.
Instead who comes with u in jail and ask
BIDI hai kya BIDU?
no sweet thought to forward,no cute graphics to send,just a..caring heart saying....takecare always my dear friend If Time slips away without a WoRD from Me, u dont hv 2 WoRRY, about our friendship bcos FeeLiNGS beyond WoRDS will always keep Me
Friendship SMS R O A U D N Dreams r2b 4goten reality to b lived.desires 2b fulfilled & destiny 2b reached.where it began.where will it end.friends from da start.friends til da end! Their r 4 chambers in my heart ..1 for my father ,1 for my mom , 1 for my sister , 1 for god...sory friend i was not able to give u any place in my herat coz friend like u r my heartbeats. SOME SAY it...
BUT i MEAN it...
.***.,.***. *u r a nice* *.friend.* "*.,..*" Erase message?
No! No! No! No! No! Keep this pic coz we look cute Here. Look.. ;;;;;;;;. .;****. ( -_- ) ( -_- ) >")("< >")("< FRIENDS 4EVER
The Minds Of 2 Frnz R Like The Lines Of RAILWAY TRACK; They May Not Meet BUT Has 2 Go Together 2 Save The DERAILMENT Of Train Called FRIENDSIP ! *******************************************************************************
Fren Is A BOOK With Only One Copy Published; U R One Of The BEST Books Ever Written A MASTER PIECE Worth Reading Million Times And To Be KEPT For Ever !!!
******************************************************************************* FRIENDSHIP SMS FRIENDSHIP SMS My Friendship is just like a rubber band, It is too flexible, stretch it as much as u can, but if u leave it, it'll hurt u a lot, really a lot!
Friendship SMS
* See this Star?
* It never leaves u
* it's a symbol
* of my care
* a promise
* dat i'l be ur friend 4evR. The @nly wealth i hv,
rare pe@ple ar@und me dat i really call frndz
& y@u are 1 @f them.
Mix all of these together to make friends 4ever. A GOOD FRIEND ISLIKE A 'COMPUTER''ENTERS' UR LIFE.'SAVES' U IN DA HEART.'FORMATS' UR PROBLEMS.'SHIFTS' U 2 OPPORUNITY & NEVA 'DELETS' U 4RM DA HEART One tree can start a forest,
Friendship SMS
One Smile can start Friendship, One touch can show luv n care, & One friend like u can make Life worthliving. Friendship SMS

Friends are Angles.. sent 4m heaven dey guide U care4 U luv U & inspire U u r one of d sweetest Angels i ever had...! hope u'll b my Angel 4 ever...! 10-Fingers 09-Planets 08-Sides 07-Wonder s 06-Sense 05-Pandavas 04-Seasons 03-Choices 02-Genders 01-Wonderful Friend ***U*** Friendship SMS

Akaash ke taaron mein khoya hai jahan saara,Lagta hai pyara ek ek taara.Un taaron mein sabse pyara hai ek sitara,Jo is waqt padh raha hai SMS hamara.... Ek sapna-Kisi apne se milna,Ek ittefaq-Aapka humari zindagi mein aana,Ek haqiqat- Aap se dosti karna aur,Ek tamanna -Dosti ko zindagi bhar nibhana.....
Friendship SMS
Muskan ke dayroon me hamesha khushi nahi hoti,Aansuon ke bahaov me hamesha gam nahi hote.Badh jaaye chahe faasle,Dosti aur pyar kabhi kam nahi hote.... I like 3 things: The SUN The MOON & U (".)
Sun for the day TIME Moon for the night TIME & u for the * LIFETIME * Friendship SMS

as a GUD FRIEND Our friendship has become our HABIT even if U take out H-ABIT remains.Take out A ,still BIT remains ,Finally take out B,still IT remains.... Friendship SMS
A friend is never a coincidence in your life they are meant to enter your life to bring you joy and laughter. So, i will treasure the friendship between us... Friendship SMS
I opened my wallet And find it empty, Reach in my pocket And found few coins, Search my heart & found U n Our friendship, Then I realized How rich I am ... Ur validity of being my friend is going 2 b expired today,plz recharge ur friendship immidetly by delivering 4-5 sweet & cool msgs.So hurry
Friendship SMS Treat your life as a Sea, your heart as a Seashore, Friends like waves, It never matters how many there are, what matters is how many touch the seashore? Eveything in this world is so fine, but everything in this world is not mine, but there is one thing that is pure & divine. ur friendship & lucky to be mine. Friendship SMS
Friends are not a game to play, Friends are not just a Word to say, Friends do not start in March & end in May, "Friends" means yesterday, Today & Forever".Friendship SMS How 2 grow friendship? pick a good heart, plant in a pot of trust, water with good thoughts, add some emotions and faith, remove the misunderstanding and nourish it. having friends is the best thing can ever happen , having u (name of the friend) the best thing i ever had in my whole life !!! Friendship SMS
Dreams r2b 4goten reality to b lived. desires 2b fulfilled & destiny 2b reached. where it began. where will it end. friends from da start. friends til the end! Friendship is sweet when it's new, Sweeter when its true, but sweetest when its u.
When God gave friends he tried 2 b fair! When I got u, I got more than my share! Friendship SMS
If I cud give u a gift. I wud give u the ability 2 see urself, d way I c u, so that u wud know what a wonderful FRIEND u are! Friends r like a page in book of life. every page with a different subject. But u r my index page coverying every subject of my life. Have a great day. Friendship SMS 1-min, 1-hr, 1-day, 1-week, 1-month, 1-year. No matter how long, i'll treasure the time, we became friends. hope we remain gud friends 4ever. If you ask me for how long i'll be your friend my answer will be I don't know.. Coz I really don't know whats longer ALWAYS OR FOREVER. Friendship SMS
Friendship is all about three things - winning, losing and sharing, wining your firnd's heart, losing your ego and sharing joys and sorrows. You may hear nothing from me on how I appreciate you, but beyond that silence, your friendship crtes a beautiful sound in my heart.
If All My Frnz Were 2jump Off A Bridge I Would Not Follow. I Would At The Bottom 2catch Them When They Fall. Happy FRIENDSHIP DAY ! Friendship SMS

Friendship SMS --------------------------------------------------------------------------------


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There are two programs that I use to capture and save streaming audio: one installs as a toolbar into Internet Explorer or FireFox and the other one is a standalone program.

If you don’t mind having another toolbar installed in your browser window, FreeCorder ( a very convenient program to use if you’re going to be recording music that’s mostly played via the web, such as Internet radio, etc. Also, it has many other features that make it quite useful, such as the ability to extract audio from videos and record from your PC’s microphone or line-in port. It also supports Windows Vista and has absolutely no spyware or adware, so you don’t have to worry about pop-ups, etc. You can save the recordings out as MP3 or as WAV files.

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Computer Tips And Tricks

Scroll Bar को साइज(Width)बढाउने वा घटाऊनलाई

१ Desktop मा Right क्लिक गर्नुस् र Properties मा क्लिक गर्नुस्
२ Appearance Tab मा क्लिक गर्नुस्
३ Advanced Tab मा क्लिक गर्नुस्
४ Item मा Scrollbar चुज गर्नुस्
५ अब Size बढाउने हो या घटाऊने हो Amount राख्नुस्
६ ok , ok

Desktop बाट Recycle Bin लाई हटाउन चाहनु हुन्छ भने
१ Start मा क्लिक गर्नुस् अनी Run मा क्लिक गरेर Regedit टाइप गर्नुस् र Enter थिच्नुस्
२ त्यसपछि HKEY_Local_Macine \ Software \ Microsoft \ Windows \ Current Version \ Explorer \ Desktop \ Namespace
३ Namespace को "+" मा क्लिक गर्नुस्
४ 645FF040-5081-101B-9F08-00AA002F954E मा क्लिक गर्नुस्
५ दाँया पट्टीको Default लाई डबल क्लिक गर्नुस् र Value Data को Recycle Bin लाई हटाइदिनुस्
६ आफ्नो कम्प्युटरलाई Re Boot गर्नुस् ।

तपाईं आफ्नो Folder लाई Invisible बनाउन चाहनु हुन्छ भने
१ कुन Folder लाई Invisible बनाउन चाहनु भएको हो त्यो Folder लाई Highlight गर्नुस्
२ Right माउस क्लिक गर्नुस् र Rename मा क्लिक गर्नुस्
३ Alt कि लाई थिची 0160 टाईप गर्नुस्
४ तपाईंको Folder को नाम हराइसकेको हुनेछ
५ अब उक्त Folder लाई Right क्लिक गर्नुस् , Prperties \ Customize \ Change Icon मा क्लिक गर्नुस् ६ त्यहा थुप्रै Icon हरुको लिस्ट छ , Scroll Bar लाई अली अली गरेर सार्दै जानुस् , त्यहा केही खाली ठाउँ देख्ननु हुन्छ त्यो खाली ठाउलाई क्लिक गर्नुस् र ok,ok गर्नुस्
७ तपाईंको Folder अब गाएब भयो । अब त्यो Folder लाई तपाईंले मात्र थाहा पाउने ठाउमा लगेर राख्न सक्नु हुन्छ ।
८ तपाईंले फेरी अर्को Folder लाई पनि यस्तै गर्न चाहनु भयो भने errorrenaming file or folder भन्ने मेसेज आउछ त्यसको लागि अर्को Folder लाई Rename गर्दा एक चोटि Space बार थिचेर अनी Alt कि थिचेर 0160 राख्दा हुन्छ । यसै गरी अरु Folder हरु पनि यस्तै गरी बनाउन सक्नु हुन्छ ।

Task bar लाई Auto Hide कसरी गराउने
१ Task bar को खाली ठाउमा Right क्लिक गर्नुस्
२ Properties मा क्लिक गर्नुस्
३ AutoHide मा टिक मार्क लगाइदिनुस्
४ ok गर्नुस्

My Computer बाट Manage लाई Hide गर्न चाहनु हुन्छ भने
१ Start \ Run \ Regedit खोल्नुस्
२ अब HKEY_CURRENT_USER / Software / Microsoft / Windows / CurrentVersion / Policies / Explorer
३ अब दाँया पट्टी खाली ठाउमा Right क्लिक गर्नुस् र New Dword Value मा क्लिक गर्नुस् । नाम राख्नुस् NoManageMyComputerVerb
४ Value Data लाई 1 राखी दिनुस्
५ computer लाई Reboot गर्नुस्

कम्प्युटरलाई Shutdown गर्ने Shortcut बनाउन चाहनु हुन्छ भने
१ Desktop मा Right माउस क्लिक गर्नुस्
२ New \ Shortcut
३ नाम राख्नुस् rundll32.exe वा PowrProf.dll वा SetSuspendState यि तीन मध्य कुनै पनि एक नाम राख्नुस्
४ अब तपाईंले बनाउनु भएको यो Shortcut लाई तपाईंले क्लिक गर्नु भयो भने तपाईंको कम्प्युटर आँफै Shutdown हुनेछ

Task Manager लाई Enable या Disable गर्ने
१ Start \ Run \ Regedit
२ Regedit भित्र HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\System
३ दाँया भागमा Right क्लिक गरेर New DwordValue बनाउनुस् र नाम राख्नुस् DisableTaskMgr
४ Task Manager Enable गर्नको लागि Value लाई 0 राखी दिनुस्
५ Disable गर्न को लागि Value 1 राख्नुस्

Desktop Cleanup Wizard लाई कन्ट्रोल गर्ने
Default मा Desktop Cleanup Wizard को पप अप हरेक ६० दिन पछि तपाईंको Desktop मा आउने गर्छ , यसलाई हटाउन चाहनु हुन्छ भने
१ Desktop मा Right क्लिक गर्नुस्
२ Properites मा जानुस्
३ Desktop Tab मा क्लिक गर्नुस्
४ Customize Desktop Button मा क्लिक गर्नुस्
५ Desktop Cleanup Wizard मा भएको टिक मार्कलाई हटाइदिनुस्

Internet Explorer बाट File Menu लाई लुकाउन चाहनु हुन्छ भन
१ Start \ Run \ Regedit
२ HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\Explorer
३ दाँया भागको खाली ठाउमा Right क्लिक गरी New Binary Value मा क्लिक गर्नुस् र नाम राखी दिनुस् NoFileMenu
४ Value लाई 01 00 00 00 राखी दिनुस्
५ कम्प्युटरलाई Reboot गर्नुस्

अनौठा अनी Funny USB Drive हरु

USB Drive हरु भनेको आजभोली सबैले प्रयोग गर्ने Gadget हो तर USB Drive हरु पनि कस्ता कस्ता हुन्छन एक चोटि हेर्नुहोस् त ।

---------------आउ अब भिडौँ------------------
हिजो सुगौली दुखेथ्यो आज सुस्ता दुख्यो एक दिन होईन यहाँ पुस्तौं पुस्ता दुख्यो
छिमेकीलाई राख्नु पर्ने मान राख्दाराख्दैनाता तोडेर जब्बरजस्ती घुस्दा दुख्यो
म त जवान थिएँ एक मुक्का केही भएनकठै ! आमाको चोक्टालाम्टा लुछ्दा दुख्यो
काट्दा घाउ भए त के भो पक्कै पुरिन्छ परन्तु बग्या रगत तनतनी चुस्दा दुख्यो
हतपत्ती केही कुराले नछुने इन्द्र को मनबल्ल नेपाल आमाले आँशु पुछ्दा दुख्यो ।
बारीको कान्लो मिचियोकेहि बोलीनसोचेँछिमेकी हो गार्हो सार्हो पर्दा काम लागेको छ खेतको आली मिचियो केहि बोलीनपछाडी फर्किएँ गाउँले हो मर्दा पर्दा काम लागेको छ यस पाली त सिमानामा देशै मिचिएको छ ईतिहास पल्टाएँन मर्दा काम लागेको छ न पर्दा काम लागेको छ मेरो देशको छातीमा कुल्चीने सामू अहिले त मलाई मेरो खीया लागेको खुकुरी उधाउने रहर जागेको छ (

"Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing."
"Each of us must be the change we want to see in the world."
"A life is only as important as the effect it has on other lives."
"If you want to lift yourself up, lift up someone else."
"Friends are the angels who lift us to our feet when our wings have trouble remembering how to fly."
"Imagination is more important than knowledge."
"There is creative vision in each of us, but sometime it's hard to get that creative part started."
"There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure."
"The closer one gets to the top, the more one finds there is no top."
"In order to succeed you must fail, so that you know what not to do the next time."
"Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly."
"Failure is success if we learn from it."
"In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure."
"Excuses are the nails used to build a house of failure."
"Failure is only the opportunity to begin again more intelligently."
"You don't get paid for the hour. You get paid for the value you bring to the hour."
"I do not pray for a lighter load, but for a stronger back."
"Success is the good fortune that comes from aspiration, desperation, perspiration and inspiration."
"If you do not hope, you will not find what is beyond your hopes."
"A mind, once stretched by a new idea, never regains its original dimensions."
"What you can do, or dream you can do, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it."
"Wisdom is knowing what to do next; skill is knowing how to do it, and virtue is doing it."
"Never doubt the power of a small group of committed people to change the world. That's about the only way it has ever happened in the past."
"We are the music makers. We are the dreamers of the dreams."
"We are as gods, so we might as well get good at it."
"I was hungry and you gave me food; I was thirsty and you gave me drink; I was a stranger and you took me in; I was naked and you clothed me; I was sick and you visited me; I was in prison and you came to me. I thirsted for knowledge, and you gave me an opportunity to learn." Jesus.
"In every idea a multitude of new ideas is lying dormant."
"The earliest you can start any project is now."

Homemade Skin Whitener
While people claim that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, you would not meet many, who are thoroughly satisfied with themselves. Traditionally, women have been the target audience for beauty product manufactures. However, in the contemporary times, men are equally concerned about their looks and appearance. Talking about beauty, skin tone and color tops the ‘concern’ list. Even after thousands of assertions, the wish to have a lighter skin tone (How I wish I had a skin like her/ him – so fair, so nice, so beautiful) still remains etched in the minds of people, by large. This is where commercialism comes into play.

Starting from the local brands to the international ones, you are likely to find at least one skin whitening product in the range. However, the question is - do these products really work and whiten the skin tone? The answer is best not discussed. The products bought from the market are usually injected with harmful chemicals that make the skin worse, forget about the claims of whitening it. So, the best bet would be to indulge in homemade products. Not only are they chemical free, but also make the skin look brighter and appealing. In the following lines, we have provided effective homemade skin whitener.
Home Remedies for Skin Whitening

Orange Pack
Oranges are valuable ingredients that help in the skin whitening process. For this, collect some orange peels and dry them out in the sunlight. Once fully dried, grind them to make a fine powder. Now, add a few drops of milk to this powder, to making a fine paste. Apply this paste on the face and wait until it dries. Thereafter, wash off your face using lukewarm water.

Sandal Facial Skin Bleach
Sandalwood powder not only lightens the skin tone, but also helps acquire an even texture and complexion. For this, you need to take small amount of sandalwood powder. Add to this, a few drops of lemon juice, cucumber juice and tomato juice. Mix all the ingredients properly, to make a fine paste. Now, apply this paste on the skin and leave it, until it gets fully dried. Rinse off the face using warm water.
Gram Flour Facial Skin Bleach
Take about 2 spoons of full gram flour and add to this, a pinch of turmeric powder and a few drops each of milk cream and lemon juice. Mix all the ingredients to make a fine paste and spread it evenly on the skin. Leave it for about 10 to 15 minutes. Once dried, scrub it off and later rinse your face with warm water. It would have beneficial effects on the skin.

Milk Powder Pack
Did you know that that milk powder, which you use for making tea and coffee, has beneficial effects on your skin? Take a small bowl and mix a tsp each of milk powder, lemon juice and honey. Add to this half a tsp of almond oil. Apply this mixture on the face and wash it off after about 10 minutes. Apart from whitening the skin, it would also bring a shine on the face.

Almonds & Honey
Almonds, when mixed with honey and applied as a paste, have beneficiary effects on the skin. They not only lighten the skin tone of the face, but also add shine to it. For this, you need to soak almonds overnight. The next morning, peel them and grind them, to make a fine paste. Now, add honey to it and apply it on the face. Once dried, scrub it off. It would leave the skin whiter and glowing.

A combination of yoghurt and orange is found to be beneficial in treating skin darkness and dullness. Mix equal parts of yogurt and orange juice and apply on the face. Rinse off after about 15 minutes.
Honey and lemon juice have been deemed as an ideal face whitening combo for long. For this, you need to combine equal parts of honey and lemon. Apply it on the face and after about 15 minutes, rinse it off.
Cucumber and lemon juice, when mixed together, act favorably as a skin whitening product. Mix cucumber juice and lemon juice in equal parts andapply it on the face. Rinse off after about 15 minutes.
Potatoes are natural bleaching agent. Apply potato juice on to the face and leave it on for about 15 minutes. Rinse it off using warm water. Potatoes not only whiten the skin, but also reduce pigmentation and blemishes.
A mixture of oatmeal with curd and tomato juice works well as homemade skin whitening product. Apply this mixture on the face and leave it for about 20 minutes. Thereafter, wash it off using cold water. It helps remove tanning and lightens the skin.

10 Best Sites to Create Your Own Free Ringtones
के तपाईं कुनै mp3 गीतको फाइललाई ringtone बनाउन चाहनु हुन्छ ? यस्ता धेरै कारणहरु छन जसको लागि मानिसहरु फरक फरक ringtone प्रयोग गर्छन् जस्तै : विभिन्न callers के बीचमा अन्तर थाहा पाउन, म्युजिकको enjoy गर्न, वा रमाइलोको लागि । फरक फरक मोबाईल फोनमा फरक फरक फरम्याटका ringtone हरु प्रयोग हुन्छन । त्यसैले तपाईंलाई यो थाहा पाउन जरुरी छ कि तपाईंको मोबाईलमा कुन फरम्याटका ringtone ले support गर्छ र तपाईंलाई जानकारी भई सके पछि तपाईंले त्यही फरम्याटमा आफ्नो mp3 गीतहरुको फाइललाई तल उल्लेखित केही साईटहरुको मद्घतले चेन्ज गरेर आफ्नो मोबाईलमा use गर्न सक्नु हुन्छ ।
Some Best Sites to Create Your Own Free Ringtones !!!
1. 1Zedge – This site enables you to upload your own mp3 music and create unique free ringtones on the fly. You can also download free ringtones of popular and latest songs.
2. Audiko – It allows you upload a song directly from your PC or a URL and then clip the part of the song you want to set as a ringtone. You can download the ringtone as an mp3, .amr or for iPhone. You can even put the ringtones on your blog and share with friends.
3. Mp3mer – Here you will find a marker tool to set range and ringtone duration. Mp3mer enables you to change the sound quality and filters if needed. Other effects which can be added to the ringtone include fade in/out, bass, treble, chorus, echo etc.
4. Mobicious – Choose any 20 seconds of your MP3 file to make it into a ringtone and send it to your mobile.
5. Mobiles24 – This site allows you to create and download latest and top ringtones. ‘Request your name ringtone’ feature is also available here.
6. MakeOwnRingtone – The unique feature of this web application is that it offers a wide range of uploadable formats like MMF, AAC, MP3, MP4, QCP, OGG. The created ringtone can be either sent to your mobile or as an mail.
7. Cellsea – This site enables you to upload a file that you want to create as ringtone and then you can choose the start/end time, sound quality, length etc. Supported file formats are mp3, mp4, m4A, flv, midi, aac, ogg, wav, aiff, wma etc.
8. Playscreen – You can create your own original ringtones here and sell ringtones o earn some bucks.
9. MyxerTones – The site provides with ringtones of various categories like alerts and alarms, rock, jazz, popular artists, comedy etc. It allows you easily customize the ringtone and send it to a phone. You can also download ringtones to your iPhone.
10. ToneBee – This site enables you to create a ringtone in just 3 simple steps. Upload your mp3 file, create a ringtone and download it to your phone.

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Tips No 1:
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TIPS 2 :
The best earning way is the Google AdSense for every publisher. You can earn money easily by displaying Google AdSense ads to your website or blog. Also, there are other AdSense companies but Google AdSense is the best among all. It's the way to earn money form home. So, it's the online money earning game. You can easily earn extra cash form home by doing a little work. You can learn more by reading Google Adsense : Start Earning Money Using Google Adsense. This page only tells your the most and mandatory 3 tips that an AdSense User have to know and follow. These tips are really important and you should have to follow strictly if you want to earn much money from home.
As a AdSense user, you must have to know the terms and policy of Google AdSense. There are several policies to earn legally and much by using AdSense. All AdSense user must have to know before using it. For example, you can't use Google AdSense code to the pages which is copied form others or if your website is adult materials relate. Moreover, you can't click your own ads etc. All these things sre mentioned in Google AdSense terms and conditions page. Before using AdSense and earning much money, you must have to learn and follow AdSense program policy and terms and conditions. If you don't do then one day you may ban from Google AdSense.

कम्प्युटर समस्या र समाधान

अब फेरी केही कम्प्युटर सम्बन्धी कुरा गरौ । हाम्रो कम्प्युटरमा प्राय जसो आई पर्ने समस्याहरु बारे केही चर्चा र त्यो समस्याहरु समाधान गर्ने उपाय बारे केही लेखन गई रहेको छु , आशा छ तपाईंहरुलाई यो अबस्य पनि लाभदायक हुनेछ ।

१. Hidden फाइल नदेखिनु

कहिले काँही कुनै Virus वा द्वेषपूर्ण Script हरुको कारण तपाईंले Hidden Mode मा राख्नु भएको फाइल वा फोल्डर तपाईंले पछि " Show Hidden file and folder " ( Tools > Folder Options > View Menu > Hidden files and folders ) गर्दा पनि नदेखिन सक्छ । शायद तपाईंहरुले पनि यो समस्या भोग्नु भएको नै होला ।

यो समस्या समाधान गर्न
१ Start > Run र Regedit टाईप गरेर Enter गर्नुस् ।
२ त्यसपछि यो location सम्म जानुस् HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Advanced\Folder\Hidden\SHOWALL
३ CheckedValue कि मा Double क्लिक गर्नुस्
४ र त्यहाँ Value Data लाई 1 राखिदिनुस् ।

बस तपाईंको काम सकियो ।

२. Drive लाई डबल क्लिक गर्दा New Window मा खोलिनु

कहिले काहिँ तपाईंले कुनै Drive लाई Double क्लिक गरेर खोल्न खोज्दा उक्त Drive त्यही window मा नखुलेर Automatically अर्कै Window मा खोलिन्छ । हामीलाई थाहा छ यो अबस्य पनि राम्रो लक्षण होइन किन भने उक्त Drive normal mode मा same window मा खोलिनु पर्थ्यो । यदी तपाईंले File मेनु को Tools मा गएर Folder Option लाई change गर्नु भएको भए अर्कै कुरा ..
किन Drive नयाँ window मा खोलिन्छ त ? यहाँ अबस्य पनि Virus अथवा अरु कुनै समस्या आएर नै हो

यसलाई समाधान गर्ने तरिका
पहिलो उपाय :१ Start > Run > र यहाँ regsvr32 /i shell32.dll टाईप गर्नुस्
२ ok गर्नुस् ।
३ तपाईंले यो message पाउनु हुन्छ
DllRegisterServer and DllInstall in shell32.dll succeeded
४ बस तपाईंको समस्या अब समाधान भयो

दोस्रो उपाय :
१ Start > Run > Regedit टाईप गर्नुस् र ओके गर्नुस् ।
२ अब HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT/Directory/Shell मा जानुस्
३ Default key लाई double क्लिक गर्नुस् र त्यहा none टाईप गर्नुस्
४ अब HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT/Drive/Shell मा जानुस्
५ Default key लाई double क्लिक गर्नुस् र त्यहा none टाईप गर्नुस्
६ ok गर्नुस् ।

तेस्रो उपाय :

यदी तपाईं regedit option चलाऊन चाहनु हुन्न भने यो उपाय गर्न सक्नु हुन्छ ।
१ Start > Run > र यो टाईप गर्नुस् reg add hkcr\drive\shell /ve /d none /f
२ ok गर्नुस् ।

आशा छ यि तीन उपाय तपाईंको लागि समाधान हुन सक्छ ।

३. आफ्नो कम्प्युटरलाई Virus हरुबाट Autorun Disable गरेर जोगाउने तरिका

धेरै Virus हरु कम्प्युटरमा सर्ने कारण तपाईंको कम्प्युटरमा कुनै CD वा pendrive राख्ने बित्तिकै Autorun हुनाले हो र यो Autoplay enable window को difault set भएर पनि हो ।
Autorun लाई Disable गर्ने तरिका :

१ Start > Run > regedit टाईप गर्नुस् र ओके
२ अब HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\ Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\Explorer मा जानुस्
३ NoDriveAutorun मा double क्लिक गर्नुस् र Hexadecimal मा Value "FF" वा Decimal मा Value 255 टाईप गर्नुस् ।
Note: यदी त्यहाँ NoDriveAutorun भन्ने कि छैन भने दाँया तिर right क्लिक गरेर new dword value मा क्लिक गरेर NoDriveAutorun टाईप गरेर Enter गर्नुस्
५ Registry window लाई exit गर्नुस् र कम्प्युटर लाई restart गर्नुस्

यो तरिका बाट तपाईंले Autorun लाई Disable गरेर Virus infected USB pendrive वा CD लाई Autorun हुन बाट रोक्न सक्नु हुन्छ र autorun.inf virus लाई Run हुन बाट जोगाउन सक्नु हुन्छ ।

४. "Show Desktop" Icon लाई कसरी Restore गर्ने ?

कहिले काहीँ गल्तीले तपाईंले "Show Desktop" Icon लाई shift+Delete गर्नु भयो यो सोचेर कि यो मात्र Shortcut हो । तर वास्तवमा त्यो नै orginal icon रहेछ भने के गर्नु हुन्छ ?
ShowDesktop Icon अरु Icon हरु भन्दा फरक हुन्छ र सामान्यतया यो Icon लाई फेरी Restore गर्न सकिदैन । यस्तो अवस्थामा तपाईंले यो तरिका अपनाउन सक्नु हुन्छ ।
१ Notepad लाई खोल्नुस् र तल लेखिएको code लाई कपि गरेर paste गर्नुस् ।

२ अब फाइलको नाम ShowDesktop.scf राखी यो location मा लगेर save गरिदिनुस् ..
C:\Document and Settings\Username\Application Data\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch
३ कम्प्युटरलाई restart गर्नुस् ।


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कत्ति झुट बोल्न सक्या भन्या

-अनमिनको आंखामा छारो हालेर २० हजारलाइ प्रमाणिकरण गराउन सफल भएकोमा दम्भ देखाएका प्रचन्डले कार्यक्रममा लाजै पचाएर हामीसंग एक लाख सेना छ भनेर सफेद झुट बोल्दा सबै ट्वा परे ।

टेपकान्डवाट रन्थनिएका कामचलाउ प्रधानमन्त्री प्रचन्डले आज पत्रकार सम्मेलन गरेर टेपकान्ड चुनाव अगाडिको रणनीति मात्र रहेको र अहिले आफुहरु परिर्वतन भइसकेको दावी गरेछन । उनले जनसेनाकामाझ भनिएका कुरा अहिलेको वर्तमान शन्र्दभमा नमिल्ने दावी गर्दै भ्रममा नपर्न भन्दै अरुलाइ भ्रममा पार्ने अथक प्रयास गरेछन ।
जनयुद्ध कालमा आफुले त्यो भन्दा पनि उत्तेजक भाषणहरु गरेको रेकर्ड रहेको दावी गर्दै प्रचन्डले संविधान सभा र शान्ती प्रकृयामा आफुहरु इमान्दार रहेको दावी गरेछन । त्यसमा थप आफ्नो गल्तीको दोष अरुको टाउकोमा थोपरेझै उनले टेप सार्वजनिक गर्नेहरु सैनिक सर्वसत्ताबादको पक्षधर रहेको आरोप लगाएर आफुचांही पानी माथिको ओभानो पो बन्न खोजे ।
जम्मा सात/आठ हजार सेना रहेको र अनमिनको आंखामा छारो हालेर २० हजारलाइ प्रमाणिकरण गराउन सफल भएकोमा दम्भ देखाएका प्रचन्डले कार्यक्रममा लाजै पचाएर हामीसंग एक लाख सेना छ भनेर सफेद झुट बोल्दा सबै ट्वा परे । उनले आज धेरै पक्षमा झुट बोलेर विश्वका उत्कृष्ठ झुटा र छलीहरुको चयनको प्रकृया हुने हो भने त्यो पद उनैले पाउने गरी बोलेछन ।
उनले त्यो भिडियोले माओवादीलाइ कुनै फरक नपर्ने दावी गरे । पत्रकार सम्मेलन आयोजना गर्नुको मुख्य उद्धेश्य नै टेपकान्ड थियो । त्यसैले देखाइरहेको थियो त्यो टेप प्रकरणपछि माओवादी कत्तिको विचलीत भएको छ भन्ने

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